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3 Tips for Overweight Pets

Like humans, overweight animals can experience a host of health issues. Also like humans, the best methods to keep your companion animal's weight in check are often the most obvious.

Try the following if your animal is hefty - he or she will greatly benefit from shedding extra pounds:

  1. Schedule regular veterinarian visits. Get to know your vet so they can become familiar with your animal companion and track his or her progress. The relationship will benefit all of you should health problems arise. Your vet can also give you an objective assessment of your pet's weight.
  2. Get daily exercise and/or walks. Exercise helps to burn calories in animals, too. Fresh air, new experiences and regular activity also contribute to your pet's mental health - and the same goes for pet owners!
  3. Feed your pet a vital diet. If you want a healthy, vital companion, you should feed your pet natural, whole foods. Cats should consume only prepared food from organically raised protein sources; dogs can also eat modest amounts of proteins, grains and vegetables left over from family meals.

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