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3 Ways to Avoid Added Hormones in Meat

In my last post, I discussed the protective nature of peaches and plums in preventing breast cancer. Another preventative measure is to avoid hormone-laden meat.

An estimated two-thirds of the cattle raised in the U.S. are given hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, to help boost growth and production. Make minimizing your consumption of meats that have added growth hormones a priority: hormone residues in food may increase the risk of breast cancer and other reproductive system cancers among women, and may promote development of prostate cancer in men.

Considering the following when shopping:

  1. Know which animals are likely to contain these unwanted hormones. Currently cattle and sheep are the only animals allowed to have growth hormones added.  The USDA does not permit the use of hormones in hogs, chickens, turkeys and other fowl, or venison.

  2. Read labels carefully. Look for the words "no hormones administered" on packaging, which indicates these chemicals were not used in raising the animals.

  3. Use meat alternatives if hormone free animal products are cost-prohibitive. You can substitute vegetable protein for meats (beans, legumes and mushrooms are hearty vegetarian options that work well as meat substitutes); or use faux meat, such as products made from whole soy that duplicate the texture and appearance of meats.

More on this topic.

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Reader Comments (3)

Thank you for this Dr. Weil ! Again this message is so needed to be repeated over and over and heard by the general public - I hope the people of this beautiful country will raise their voices to demand the production of better healthier foods - I recommend anyone to watch the movie "Food Inc" to educate oneself on the provenance of most of the food sold in the USA market ~ or

Working with sensitive children (ASD, Asperger and ADHD) a whole food & Natural nutrition is one of the most important component to improving their lives -

Chantal B.

July 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChantal

Dear Dr. Weil

Please help me I have acne, I am tired of using medicines, I need natural recipes for my problem. I would like to know the cause of acne.

thank you

July 29, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterivan

I'm trying to find a diet easy to follow with whole foods that allow me to lose wt & possibly help with an
inflammatory condition. I eat Salmon & take Omega3 fatty acids. I'm not crazy abotut vegtables maybe
because I don't know how to cook them. I'm doing Curves, exercise program 3 x week. I need
to loose 100 lbs due to taking steroids for Lupus I also have Type 2 diabetes so it has to be low glycemic
Any ideas???? Thanks for any help. I also thought of liquid diets but think it would be too drastic.. .

July 30, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercheryl
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