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Is Your Voice Changing with Age?

If you have noticed a change in your voice - and you aren't a boy going through puberty – it may simply be a natural part of aging. Both the volume and quality of the voice is affected as we grow older, often resulting in a pitch change or slight breathiness or hoarseness when speaking. This is due to normal changes in the vocal cords: in men, the cords tend to become thinner, smaller and vibrate faster, resulting in a higher pitch. In women, the vocal cords can thicken and vibrate less, resulting in a deeper voice. Cartilage tissue in the larynx also becomes stiffer and less flexible, frequently causing a weaker-sounding voice.

To help prevent or reduce the effect of aging on the voice, try using your voice more - those with a trained singing or public speaking background often maintain stronger voices as they age. Also - don't smoke: it accelerates the voice changes associated with aging.

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Reader Comments (1)

Your post was so interesting. I have never heard anyone discuss vocal cords changes as one ages.
Another change to add to our list! Your suggestions were excellent!
Marla Levie
Focus on Aging

January 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMarla Levie
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