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Top 4 Tips for Healthy Living

Want to get down to basics? Here are four fundamental tips that can substantially decrease your risk of disease and illness, and greatly improve your quality of life - for the rest of your life. Make the following part of your healthy lifestyle:

  1. Watch your weight. Carrying extra body weight increases the risk of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, postmenopausal breast cancer and cancer of the uterus, colon, kidney, and esophagus. You can help lose those extra pounds by eating a healthful diet and getting regular physical exercise.
  2. Eat a healthful diet. Fad diets are more popular than ever, but don’t buy into the hype. A healthy diet can be achieved simply by avoiding processed foods and instead focusing on a wide variety of whole, fresh foods, with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. Use my Anti-Inflammatory Diet Pyramid as a guide - it is not a quick fix diet, but rather an eating plan for life.
  3. Don't smoke. Tobacco addiction is the single greatest preventable cause of illness, and tobacco smoke is the most obvious environmental cause of cancer. Exposure to tobacco smoke increases the odds of developing many kinds of cancer, and raises the risks of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.
  4. Be cognizant of your well-being. Disregard for your health and maintaining unhealthy lifestyle habits can markedly increase the risk of chronic problems in later life. If you like adrenalin highs, whether it’s running a marathon or cliff diving, be careful about how you get them - know the hazards of the activities you choose and how to contain them. By evaluating the short- and long-term risks involved in your behavior, you can help your body to keep working well as you age.

And don't forget to get moving. Advice on keeping your New Year's fitness resolutions.

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Reader Comments (2)

I love to look at food pyramids. It is interesting to see all the differences that are included in them.
In reference to your pyramid, I would not include wine as an option for four reasons: 1) encourage consumption that could increase beyond control, 2) increase risk of breast cancer, 3) could lead to brain damage and, 4) then to a stroke.

German Research has shown that there is a higher level of antioxidant activity in the blood of grape juice drinkers than in those who consumed wine - and the level remained higher. Other positive results in favor of grape juice should encourage us to use pure concord grape juice and avoid the alcohol found in wine. Or, just eat the whole grapes to get the fiber as well. Why take the risk?
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January 28, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMyra

So, I finally got the information I was looking for. Healthy diet was top of my list especially during this time of the year when Christmas celebrations are at its peak. I think with the help of your health recipe I can begin my New Year on a healthy note.

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February 7, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersam
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