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What Is Watsu?

Watsu is a unique form of bodywork that combines immersing the body in warm water with traditional Shiatsu massage. The premise of Watsu is that water takes weight off the vertebrae so they can be manipulated more easily. Watsu is said to:

  1. Decrease muscle tension
  2. Promote a deep state of relaxation
  3. Increase mobility and flexibility
  4. Decrease stress
  5. Reduce pain
  6. Promote better sleep

A typical Watsu session is performed in water that is 92 to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, and involves a series of movements that the practitioner performs with one hand as he or she balances the recipient with the other. Expect to be gently rocked, stretched, turned, bent and arched. Watsu is offered at spas nationwide and in treatment centers as a form of physical therapy.

Learn more about Watsu, including how to find a practitioner.

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Reader Comments (2)

Thank you so much for this great reminder! I have been suffering a mean bout of insomnia lately and have been looking for a good treatment. I totally forgot about Watsu. This is a good time to finally get around to trying it. Is there an average price I can expect to pay? Also, can you recommend a good site where I can find reviews of practitioners in my area (southern Oregon)?

July 25, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMira Allen

Thanks for putting Watsu once again in to the spot light, so deserving. While Watsu was conceived with a basis of Shiatsu in mind, many modalities and approaches to therapeutic bodywork can be integrated. Aquatic bodywork can then look very dynamic, and adjusted to each client's need and practitioner's skills.

I am not sure the WABA directory is up to date. Breitenbush Hot Springs Community in Oregon I believe offer Watsu. If a google search or inquiries in to near by massage schools don't yield results then there is always Harbin Hot Springs in Middletown, the birth place of Watsu and surely a hub of information for this most elegant and potentially effective bodywork treatment.

July 25, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersuenosdeuomi
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