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Protein-Rich Breakfast May Cut Cravings

Teens are notorious for skipping breakfast and then snacking on high calorie, high fat and high sugar junk foods. They also tend to overeat, especially at night. A small study from the University of Missouri suggests that a protein breakfast of cereal and milk or of high-protein waffles, syrup and yogurt is filling and reduces hunger throughout the morning. The higher protein waffle breakfast also changed the appetites of the teenage girls participating for the better so that they were less hungry. The researchers divided 10 girls into three groups that: 

  • continued skipping breakfast
  • ate portions of cereal and milk containing normal quantities of protein
  • ate a high-protein waffle breakfast

At the end of each of three weeks, the teens filled out appetite and satiety questionnaires and had brain scans using functional MRIs to look at brain activation in regions controlling food motivation and reward. The researchers concluded that a high-protein breakfast is a simple strategy for satisfying the appetite and quelling the urge to snack. However, because the study was so small, they described their findings as preliminary. The study was published online May 5th by the journal Obesity.

More healthy breakfast ideas, many of which are protein-rich, from my Facebook followers!

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Reader Comments (1)

I'm a big fan of goat yogurt. I top it with chopped fresh fruit and pan roasted, ground millet. It's a great breakfast and the goat yogurt seems easier on my stomach than regular yogurt.

July 26, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMira Allen
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